‘‘By combining design aesthetics with processing of material in the most proper way, production skills, during production process, it developed experiences that are gained through many years and so being a universal brand in the field of fitting products and fly-wheels’’


1978 – Incoporated by Binali Doğan at Dolapdere-İstanbul as unlimited company.
1988 – Moved its site located at Kâğıthane.
1992 –For incorporation, decided to be Joint Stock company as family corporation.
2006 – By reason of expanding machinery and number of employees, moved to its current resident plant located at SELİMPAŞA.
2007 – Granted with İSO TÜV certificates and initiated to reconstruct.

General Introduction:

In our plant having some 2500 m2 indoor space capacity located at SELİMPASA new industrial zone, fittings and valve parts are produced by use of various machinery, dynamic staff and high-capacity  and up-to-date management techniques. Thanks to Specialized human resources and technological production sources, it is leading corporation among flywheel manufactuters in markets.  Even though sector has a narrow design area, it is the only corporation to have 5 pcs industrial design and to produce 17 pcs patented products for a warrant period of 5 years under TÜV-CERT EN ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance. Our plant is able to do Zamak 5 formulation made of ingot zinc (Zn)  that is resolved in the purest way. By virtue of the moulds created within frame of our designs, metal injection may be shaped. Precision finishing operation may be carried out with polishing and lustring machines brought from Germany. Also galvano-plating can be done by using top-quality chemical brands of marketplace. Thus, protective thicknesses are formed, which may be granted with 5 year guarantee.  Following such meticulous operations, glass or egg accuracy surfaces are firstly wiped by showing same diligence subsequent to quality control. Then packaged. By reason of the fact that our packaging method is  arried out  in top-quality level, such products are protected against corrosion and  potential  surface  scratchs by vibration, transfer and are durable for longtime.

Surface treating machine designed and produced by us for meeting our requirements was financially supported by TUBITAK by virtue of the importance we have attached to RE & DE.

In order not to bring damage to environment we will establish treatment facility and also we are working in cooperation with İSTAÇ as regards solid waste. Sustainable development and investment for quality are being continued. Moreover first polishing robot are imported from Germany as taking a new step and so it is included in our studies.  Our plant expanded its chromic luxurious valve (Fixed-ended) manufacture as finished goods and sells them market’s biggest sanitary piping  nufacturers and implementing companies. We are proud of being the sole company to export fly-wheels made of Zamak and fixed-ended valve parts. For this reason, Many  hanks to our valuable staff members, suppliers and customers for their confidence and supports.