It is our fundamental objective to provide the products and services that fully meet the requirements and expectations of our customers, with utmost quality and most appropriate total cost, at the first time and exactly at the time requested.

Management system which we implement to achieve this target shall be “TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT”.

We will not limit our definition of customers with final or intermediate users but starting from our suppliers, we will also include our employees, marketing people realizing the sales of our products in this definition.

We will keep our processes under control and improve them in a continous way. “CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT” and “Conducting the work correctly at the first time” shall constitute our fundamental management and principles.

In order to ensure participation and contribution of our employees for continuous improvement, we will adopt and implement the principle of “CONTINUOUS TRAINING”.

Fully satisfied customer shall be the measure and proof of our success.

                                                                                      BOARD CHAIRMAN

Binali DOĞAN